Float Details

We unfortunately cannot accept semi trailers. Also please be mindful of the length and maneuverability of your float as a tight turn is required. Float lighting is recommended.

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1. All floats whose nominations form has been accepted by the Committee are to be at the marshalling area no later than 6:00pm on the 16th May 2020. Floats arriving after this time may be refused participation in the procession.

2. The maximum height above the ground of any part of the float shall not exceed five (5) metres.

3. All floats must be constructed in such a manner so as to provide the driver of the vehicle with full and unobstructed vision on the road carriageway. In the event that the float has been constructed in such a manner so as to in any way obscure the view of the road carriageway by the driver of the vehicle, then the float must be accompanied by a walker on each side of the float, the walkers are to be persons over the age of 18 years and they are to provide guidance to the driver so as to en-sure the float remains upon the road carriageway.

4. All operators and drivers of the floats must hold an open unrestricted Class “C” Queensland Driver’s Licence . Any driver of any vehicle other than a Class “C” vehicle must hold and be able to produce an open unrestricted Queensland Licence authorising the driver to drive that class of motor vehicle upon a Queensland Road.

5. Any trailer sought to be utilised as part of a float must be registered for use on Queensland roads. Any trailers not registered for use on Queensland roads will not be permitted to participate in the procession.

6. The operator of the float is to ensure that during the procession no substance, projectile or object of any kind (including lollies) are thrown, discharged or projected in any manner whatsoever from the float towards onlookers lining the procession route. Procession Marshals will be monitoring the floats during the procession. Any floats from which any substance, projectile or object is thrown, discharged or projected inany manner whatsoever towards or into the onlookers will be removed immediately from the procession.
7. No vehicle exceeding twelve (12) metres in length will be permitted to participate in the procession.

8. Nomination for float entry into the procession close on Tuesday 28th April 2020. No entries will be accepted after that time.

9. The operator and the driver of the float shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Atherton Maize Festival Committee from and against claims, demands, actions, suits, costs, and expenses in respect of any injury (including death) to any person or any loss or damage to property, however sustained arising out of or in any way incidental to anything done or purporting to be done or omitted to be done under the authority granted by the Atherton Maize Festival Committee for the operator to operate the float in the Atherton Maize Festival procession.

10. All float operators, drivers and persons riding on or associated with any float must comply with all directions issued by any procession Marshals, or uniformed member of the State Emergency Service (SES).

11. The Maize Festival Committee reserves the right to refuse entry or disqualify float applicants in participating in the parade at any time.